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Inertial Frame of Reference

Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity is based upon two Postulates.

According to 1st Postulate,

We can apply the laws of Physics in its own inertial frame of reference.
But the problem will arise, if we are doing experiment in one frame of reference and observing from the other.

We can apply this in our daily life.

For example, if we are coming from a very good atmosphere and walking on a road. Suddenly a person comes with wear out clothes and bruises on the face. And he abuses me.

By applying the above mentioned law, I should not react immediately. First of all I have to fit myself in his situation. (Might be somebody scorned him who have the same figure just mine and he is behaving as a reaction). If I would be in his place, I might react the same way.

So from the knowledge of this law, I would have sympathy instead of bad reaction!

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